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The correct format for your new restaurant Menu

The design of a menu speaks volumes to our customers. Is the first step. So the menu should make the right impression of Diners. Some of the most tantalizing menus are designed with deliberate simplicity. This does not mean ignore discreet elegance. Coordinate the planning of menus with menu selections and the atmosphere of the dining facility. The size of the menu should be manageable for customers and the printing works should be easy to read. Choose contrasting colors and font styles that afford easy to read. The menu layout should follow a specific pattern of order: drinks, appetizers, salads, soups, sides and entrees. Allow extra space for the daily specials that can be placed or clipped to the menu.

Keep it simple

The design of a menu should improve the selections of dishes that the restaurant prepares for its customers. It is important not to overload a menu with too many selections. Customers appreciate fewer menu items that too many choices. However, offering less menu selections should also include the highest quality meals served. A simple menu can be varied based on the types of ingredients used to create dishes. Many ingredients can be used in salad side dishes or appetizers. This also applies to the ingredients of fish, meat and poultry, which can be combined as salad ingredients. This is a way to reduce food costs. Another way is to measure the size of the portions. Too often Restaurant portions are bigger than necessary. When the portions are too big, this increases the cost of food.

Have a concept

Too often restaurant owners feel the need to throw everything you can possibly stuff into their coolers on the menu. Trying to please everyone who walks through the door, you end up pushing customers even further. Why? Two reasons:

1. as I said earlier, the more items on the menu, the harder it is to keep the ingredients fresh and this also makes the line much more inefficient.

2. customers lose track of what is your concept. I don’t want to get into an Italian restaurant and expect to see the fish and chips on the menu. When it happens the customers tend to forget when I’m in the mood for a nice risotto.

Choose your kitchen and your concept and make sure they work hand in hand. You can only have 15-25 items on the menu, but customers will keep coming back if they know that the restaurant has the best recipe and the freshest ingredients in the city for that particular kitchen.

A well-rounded Menu for a filling meal

If there is a key issue to be considered, it is ensuring clients leave a restaurant with the feeling of satisfaction and value. Use only the freshest ingredients, freshly prepared every day to ensure the value. Meals should be colorful and tasty, from drinks to desserts. Review regularly menu selections and make simple changes when necessary. Each restaurant offers a specialty dish that is a major attraction. Create a menu based on this specialty plate and build the rest of the menu around it for customer satisfaction.

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